Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hope, skepticism for cold fusion

Boston Globe  By D.C. Denison


  • The Italian scientist who says he has developed the world’s first cold fusion reactor ...visited the State House last week ...Andrea Rossi made the trip at the invitation of the Senate’s minority leader, Bruce Tarr
  • Tests have been scarce and secretive, perhaps because Rossi has said that his technology is still unpatented. [emphasis added]
  • Tarr, who is active in alternative energy legislation, said he invited Rossi to put the state in line for hosting any prospective development of cold fusion.
  • After the meeting, Rossi, who paid his own way to Massachusetts, was enthusiastic about a possible partnership with the state.
  • “I’m already planning to come back soon,’’ he said. “We are all hoping to get something started in a matter of weeks, not months.’’

Hard to assess, nobody in Massachussetts seems to willing to go out on a limb.  The sticking point could be the patent, which isn't forthcoming unless something unusual happens.

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