Friday, February 10, 2012

MIT suggests new physical model for condensed matter

Free Republic

There's a link to a pdf, if you're interested.

From the comments, there's this excerpt:

Motivated by many observations of anomalies in condensed matter systems, we
consider a new fundamental Hamiltonian in which condensed matter and nuclear
systems are described initially on the same footing. Since it may be possible that
the lattice will respond to the mass change associated with a excited nuclear state, we
adopt a relativistic description throughout based on a many-particle Dirac formalism.
This approach has not been used in the past, perhaps due to the difficulty in separating
the center of mass and relative degrees of freedom of the nuclear system, or perhaps due
to an absence of applications for such a model. We recently found a way to separate
the center of mass and relative contributions to the Hamiltonian for the many-particle
Dirac model, which leads to somewhat different expressions for the kinematic mass,
Newton mass, and deBroglie mass of the many-particle Dirac composite. It is not clear
at this time whether such a difference is reflected in experiment. This separation allows
us to reduce the condensed matter and nuclear Hamiltonian into a more manageable
form. In the resulting model, there appears a new term in which nuclear transitions
are coupled to lattice vibrations.


It is quite abstract, alright.  Some people have trouble with abstract thoughts.

That's a bit of snark as in fighting fire with fire.  Comments were of the type that I've noticed recently in political discussions- they tend to ridicule ideas and topics for which they have little knowledge nor understanding.  This to make themselves appear feel better, I suppose.

My reaction is that a scientific explanation for cold fusion may be in condensed matter and quantum mechanics.

Too bad there isn't any honest attempt to understand the ideas, though.

It is only our future that is at stake.  What's the big deal?  /snark

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