Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rossi Says E-Cat is Absolutely Safe — “There Will Never Be” Gamma Rays Emitted

E-Cat World  h/t E-Cat Weekly

  • Rossi has said that his Leonardo Corporation is in the process of seeking certification for from Underwriters Laboratories in the US and are in the process of submitting the E-Cat for safety testing.
  • “we have found traces of fusion because we have found 511 kev gamma rays at the output, which is the emission of a positron and an electron, and a positron is the product of a proton turning into a neutron, so we have some kind of fusion inside, but I do not think this is the main energy source.”

The issue of gamma rays is a difficult one to reconcile with theory.  It is one of the main reasons for skepticism of the device.  It will end up changing theories if the device works.

Incidentally, if he can show the 511 kev gamma rays, that would be a significant finding in itself.  How else do you get from nickel to copper, but by a beta decay?  If there's a beta decay, there must be some type of fusion.  The reason why this doesn't produce significant amounts of gamma radiation would be quite a puzzle to solve.

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