Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another look at the Thorium REMIX 2011

I went nuts with this yesterday afternoon.  I made a bunch of screen shots and organized them according to topic. I did this because the material just gets to be too much at one sitting.  This is probably too technical a discussion for most people to stick with for the entire 2 hours.  Even though I'm vitally interested in it, it is still a challenge for me to spend so much time on it.

Basically, I divided the screen shots into 3 categories
  1. Waste: the screenshots start at 1:10:30 and (for the most part) at 1:15.  I took 17 of these.
  2. Proliferation: only 3 of these, 2 at 30 minute in, and one near the end
  3. Inertia:  13 of these spread out over the 2 hour video.  This inertia exists both in the public and private sectors.  
There's no reason not to do LFTRs.  But that has been the case since the Kennedy Administration.  Actually, the Kennedy Administration seems to have favored development of this technology.

This video should be part of a study course- which illustrates to anyone interested -how things can go badly wrong.  After watching this, the main thing to take away is this:  just because it hasn't been developed already doesn't mean it was a bad idea.

An historical example: I saw on Instapundit today a story about how aluminum may have been available much sooner if a Roman Emperor had allowed it.  Think about that one for awhile.

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