Friday, March 2, 2012

Environmental OK for laser enrichment plant



There are no major environmental reasons why a uranium enrichment facility based on laser technology should not be constructed by Global Laser Enrichment (GLE) in Wilmington, North Carolina, the US nuclear regulator has concluded. 

A bit of speculation here:  could this be used for U233 as well?  This post will serve as a reminder to look into the problems with U233 and whether or not its handling issues can be solved.  If so, that would make setting up a Thorium cycle reactor which would breed U233 off world-- on Mars and the moon.  The significance of this is that it would end the necessity of launch fuel from Earth.


After spending some time looking into this, it appears that making U233 from Thorium and using it in fuel rods is a difficult, if not totally impractical idea.  But that is right up my alley.  lol

I got some interesting links out of it, though.

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