Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BECNF and the E-cat

For a reaction sequence, this looks a whole lot better than Widom Larsen. The sequence goes straight to copper 63. In the case of Widom Larsen, you could go down a few complicated pathways.

In addition, the beta decays occur faster with BECNF. Notice that the slowest reaction is 3.333 hours, as opposed to months or years with some of the beta minus decays in the Widom Larsen scenario.

It could turn out that Rossi Focardi's E-cat is truly a cold fusion device.  If so, it is actually a surprise to me.  I wrote before that I didn't think there was any such thing as cold fusion.  Not to say that this convinces me of the reality of cold fusion, but Widom Larsen left me somewhat disappointed.  This sequence makes it plausible ( to me) as an energy producing possibility.


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