Sunday, September 4, 2011

Morning Summary, 8/4

Well, it's getting late this morning, and I still haven't made a post.

I'm running into problems reporting on nuclear physics because I don't have enough background and lack the time to obtain it.  That didn't stop me from reading more about the subject this morning.  But, there wasn't anything I could post about it.

What it did do is make me wonder a bit about the Widom Larsen theory.  You know, if you look at these theories long enough, you could start having doubts. Doubts about Widom Larsen?  Yes.  But not to worry.  If you read about it enough, there are doubts about all theories.  They are, after all, just theories.  The problem starts when a theory is taken as absolute truth.   Like climate change.

In science, can there be such a thing as absolute truth?  But with religion there is.  Religion has the certainty that science lacks.

Turning from science, I went back to politics.  What I found is this disenchantment with Obama.  His supporters are disappointed.  They want him to fight harder.  I was tempted to make fun of Obama on the basis of this disenchantment.  Shall I mention the idea I had?  Yes, but only briefly.  You see, there is this slang word known as "weenie" which seems to apply to these stories.  A "weenie" is an ineffectual male, which is basically what it boils down to.  So, is Obama a weenie?  That's the humor, or I thought so.  I suppose there will be some who will not be amused.

I like to point out something that I've mentioned from time to time. That is about a sense of humor. There isn't enough of that right now. "If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't be living." That's a quote from a guy I used to work with in the old days. Well, how about it people- can you take a joke?

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