Thursday, September 1, 2011

Many body effects, many theories

Is it time to throw away the gasoline cans because of the energy revolution?  We are still waiting.  Seems like everyone is looking for the one single answer that fits all observations.

excerpts from

  • What fuels the E-Cat? Rossi states that he uses micrometer grain
    sized nickel dust enriched to contain more of two useful isotopes,
    N-62 and N-64. 

  • The nickel is then processed to increase the number of
    surface tubercles (protrusions) to provide greater area for heat
    producing reactions with hydrogen gas under pressure. A secret
    catalyst is added to break apart the molecular hydrogen gas (H2) into
    atomic hydrogen (H1).

  • To make it simple, what happens is that nickel has a
    particularity that protons spread from it's surface with extreme
    efficiency very close to the nucleus, even if repelled by the so
    called coulomb barrier forces. When we inject protons of hydrogen at
    high pressures and temperatures, they go pretty close to the nucleus
    of the nickel. At those points we have nuclear effects that produce
    gamma rays which add more energy. We increase the pressure leading to
    extremely high pressures... similar to ones that happen inside White
    Dwarf stars. In that situation the so called Gamow Factor, which is a
    probabilistic calculation of the coulomb repelling forces, is
    overcome. At that point enough energy is produced to make it worth
    being recorded." - Andrea Rossi


It can be recalled that the phenomenon LENR or "cold fusion", is a surface phenomenon.   Rossi's quote above fits with idea of maximizing the surface area.   Maximize the surface area, maximize the effect.

BECNF theory posits that there is a many body effect on the surfaces.  Same with Widom Larsen's theory- relying upon the actions of quasiparticles on surfaces, which corresponds somewhat with BECNF theory.  

There are many theories about "cold fusion".  It has been said that there are too many.  So, I pose the question, as I heard Edmund Storms posed in a similar vein, what if there is more than one way to skin the nuclear cat?  Many body effects, too many causes?  [ those last questions may be too cute, sorry]

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