Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BMW Turbosteamer and Thermoelectric Generator are close to commercialization

Next Big Future

the latest generation of TEGs installed in the exhaust are capable of generating 600 watts of electrical power, and it will not be long before the goal of 1,000 watts is reached as research progresses

Given that the E-cat produces heat, but not electricity, wouldn't it be useful to make use of that heat in some way?  Perhaps this automotive technology could be adapted to work with the E-cat, or some other method could be employed.  The point is, with the heat production now generated by the E-cat, some electricity can be generated with technology now available.

But I'm seeing numbers like 5 to 10 percent, which is not so great.  For example, if the E-cat produces 1 MW of heat, you could only get 100 kilowatts of electricity out of it.  This needs to get a lot better.

A Stirling solar dish can get about 30%.   But that uses concentrated solar power with temperatures over 1000 degrees Centigrade.  The E-cat doesn't get that hot.

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