Friday, October 28, 2011

With respect to the Rossi Test today, 10/28/11

Not much to say.  I got Rossi's report off his website.  There are a few jpg pics and a spreadsheet file.  So, I checked out the spreadsheet.  My computer can't handle the data, evidently.  Or not all of it.  At any rate, all I can tell is that the temperature went up to boiling point and slightly above and stayed there for several hours.  This doesn't yield much data for analysis.  There may have been more though, but this is all I can get.  I am waiting to see if anybody out there has more to say.  So far, nothing.

Update: 10/29/11  7:48 am

There are now plenty of reports of the test.  It appears from the reports that it has been successful.  However, the data is still not in a form that my computer will accept totally.  It is giving me an error report.  Evidently, I need Excel, which I don't have.  Microsoft's Works won't get it all.

Unless there's something in the data which I can't access as of now, I don't believe this is going to shut up the "seagulls".   They will still squawk about this.  From where I'm standing, I can't say anything to answer them.  There's not enough data.

A sale was made.  I suppose congratulations are in order.  But, as an independent person, I am not convinced of much by this test.  Sorry.

Update 2: 10/29/11 11:45 am

I've managed to find an Excel viewer and this is what I couldn't load up.

Again, there's nothing here.  The only thing that appears to have been accomplished is that Rossi has sold this unit.  It is not scientific proof at all.  But, that is probably no concern to Rossi.  Just the same, I'd like to have more data.

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