Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning Summary, 10/14

Good morning.  A short post to let you know that I'm still out here.

First thing, I did a little housekeeping. The blog is getting a lot of posts, so there's a continual need to improve navigation of this thing.  Well over 2000 posts.

I created a new category so as to break up the Space Colonization category into a sub category called "Moon Madness".  Why use that as a label?  I try to have a sense of humor here.  People probably think colonizing the moon is insane, hence the self deprecating humor.  Perhaps it really is crazy for me to spend my time on something that I will never do.  But it is interesting to me, even if nobody else seems to be interested in it.

Here's some discussion of mild interest to me about the E-cat.   No need to belabor the obvious.  There needs to be more tests, but will Rossi do it?  His mistake may be in trying to cast his skeptics as evil.  He gives that impression because he uses the term "snakes" in order to describe his skeptics.  Sometimes people are just incompetent, not evil.  To his skeptics, Rossi may be the one who is evil.  Some of what they are accusing him of doing would mean that he would be evil indeed, if they were right.  But, I don't see Rossi as evil, nor his opponents.  We need to be more dispassionate about these things.  Science should be about reason, not emotion.

Can people be more reasonable?  Or is that asking too much?  Maybe comparable to expect that cats should bark, and dogs should go "meow".

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