Monday, October 10, 2011

Moon 2.0: Join the Revolution - HD High Definition

Good morning.

I am perusing the Lunar X Prize site to see who's out there and what they intend to do on the moon. This is in connection to the Moonrush post, which may be a useful proposition to colonize the moon without costing the taxpayers a dime.


LCROSS mission may have struck silver on the moon - space - 21 October 2010 - New Scientist

I had forgotten about this.  You could make coins out of the silver deposits where you also find water.  Cool!


You could make 1/10 oz. silver coins and have a face value of 1000 dollars.  That would mean that you could mine 100 metric tons for 35 billion.  The coins' face value would be about 300 times its constituent metal's value.  This would be a premium of about 10 to 1.  Too expensive?  That would be a lot of coins too- 352000 per ton.  You could mine less of the stuff and mine other things later.  Silver could be the lowest hanging fruit, though.

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