Tuesday, January 17, 2012

20120114 Live interview with Andrea Rossi

h/t Next Big Future

  • The Smart Scarecrow Show  hosts the interview
  • Sterling Allan of pesn.com does the honors
  • Introduction of Andrea Rossi
  • History of the E-cat
  • Short intro to the E-cat 
  • Mentions gamma rays-- is turned into heat.  First time I heard of this, but not that I was looking for it.
  • Safe operation-- automatic shutoff feature
  • Track record of long term operation
  • Just heating with E-cat, not electricity yet
  • Insignificant amount of material necessary for "fuel" due to it being a nuclear process
  • Make tests every day, he says.  Certification process with UL.  Production will be in Florida USA
  • Wants to push prices down to $500 ( for small E-cat?)
  • Concerns about reverse engineering-- low prices will defend against this
  • Size of device, 10 kw unit, 5% of price for comparable system
  • Catalysts-- essential to operation  Comment: this may be why the ash is inconsistent with expectations
  • Frequency used?  Rossi declines to comment on this.  Oriental martial arts comparison? maybe jiu jitsu principle use the energy of the opponent to your advantage
  • operating temperature, higher temperatures can cause problems
  • don't give fish, but teach how to fish
  • UL stamp is final stamp before distributing to customer
  • No time to lose, he says
  • 1 million home ecat plans--- details, looks like a pc in dimensions, compatible with any heater in world
  • refuel every 6 months, turning on and off and being controlled by thermostat.  Will heat water, but not like a central heating system--- language problem not clear
  • E-cat used to preheat the water for electricity production-- Ecat not hot enough, but can do this much
  • Refueling paradigm.  180 operational days as opposed, fuel charge is proportional to actual use, turn ecat off and no fuel is consumed
  • indicator shows when it needs to be recharged, fuel cartridges exchanged, and used ones recycled
  • cartridge only $10, plus installation charges if necessary
  • logistical issues are being worked on
  • says big surprise that need no hydrogen canisters-- picograms of hydrogen, 10 gms last 6 months
I will interrupt after 1 hour.  The rest may be of little interest to me.  The key point is the production of gamma rays and the claim that gamma rays are the cause of the production of heat.  Is this plausible?

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