Monday, January 16, 2012

Joe Bonometti - LFTR Development Lessons Learned @ TEAC3

Dr. Joe Bonometti at TEAC3

Joe also did one of the very first “Tech-Talks” at Google on the subject of LFTR technology.

I put in both videos on this post, as well as screenshots to the first one, which is a video that lasts nearly an hour.

Screenshots from the above video:

Easy to find thorium on the moon and Mars.
You could manufacture your fuel for a return to Earth using energy from Thorium.  A transportation system could run on something like this.

The advantages of nuclear vs. solar and/or wind
Even if you have only terrestrial applications in mind, keep in mind that thorium has advantages here as well.

History of this research: it was originally intended for airplanes!
When the airplane idea gave way to missiles, they kept researching it in a small reactor and came up with the LFTR.

What is LFTR?  Just this:  It is better than uranium, and almost as good as fusion could ever be, but it is available NOW.
What's not to like?
Uranium Fuel Cycle versus Thorium Fuel Cycle

The video below is only about 10 minutes in case you are pressed for time:

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