Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Robert Hirsch on Space Show

This was broadcast last month and it sounds pretty bad.  Particularly in the area of liquid fuels for transportation.  Guess what I've been writing about all this time? While I am listening as I'm typing, still not hearing anything about methanol to hydrogen conversion for hydrogen fuel cells.  Still wondering if something is getting overlooked.  The assumption is if it isn't being done, it must not be good.  But this assumption may be wrong.

No imagination, as I wrote previously.

He had a question about of electric vehicles.  He mentioned that he has a Prius.  He says the problem is takes decades of rapid deployment of these vehicles to make a difference.  It's a time problem, as he repeats over and over again.  By the time it gets developed, things may have gotten a lot worse.  Resources to pay for what is needed to implemented may not be available.

Politics not in touch with reality it seems.  "Green" politics is a problem, not a solution. (my take)  Thinking needs to change.  Their attitudes will change when they have to, or they will die. (this is said seriously, so it is not being hyped)

Boy does this fit into my video I made.  Wishing for something to be true doesn't make it true.

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