Monday, March 7, 2011

A response to my query about hydrogen fuel cells

I am going to reprint the letter and the response here.  (actually the order is reversed, with the answer first)
Here goes:

Hello Meadows,

the COM4EV is a concept we have shown during eCarTec fair last year. It is not a product yet, but we are working on such a solution. The idea is to provide electricity and heat for electric cars. Both is available from a DMFC fuel cell. Due to the combined heat and power approach, a very high efficiency from fuel to energy is possible.

When we have products or concept vehicles available, you will find an update on our webpage.

best regards,

Kai Steckmann
Business Development Manager

SFC Energy AG

Eugen-Saenger-Ring 7

85649 Brunnthal


Tel.: +49 89 673 592 – 176
Mobil: +49 160 889 11 63
Fax: +49 89 673 592 – 169

Besuchen Sie uns / Visit us:

Batmässan Göteborg, February 4 – 13, Göteborg/S, Thermoprodukter Booth F04:17

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Von: Greg Meadows []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. März 2011 14:09
An: Sales
Betreff: information request

I am curious about your product as described on this web page

Could you describe this product in detail? How much power does it produce? Where can someone see it in operation? And so forth. I am not seriously interested in buying it at this time. I am writing about this topic on my blog. However, if it is feasible to try this in an experiment, I may be able to talk a sponsor into trying it in a real world application. So, what information you have would be appreciated. Thanks

Greg Meadows

I am ignoring the warnings about confidentiality. This is a bit overplayed. The source of information is public, the topic is of public interest, and there wasn't anything of substance disclosed here.

Note: This is one of several emails that I've sent out lately.  Still waiting to hear from Phoenix and a couple of others.

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