Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Evaluate Ideas

By Paul Sloane

He seems to be a pretty good source, worth following on Twitter.  That's where this link came from.  With respect to this blog, it may be good advice for evaluating any new ideas I come up with here.

In reference to brainstorms, the idea did occur to me to sell timeshares to a range extending device on battery powered automobiles, like the Nissan Leaf.  You see, with timeshares, it wouldn't be necessary to buy the entire package.  Just plan the time in which you will need it, say for a vacation, then buy a timeshare to coincide with that time.  When you're done, turn it in, and you're back to all battery operation.  This makes the car more affordable than buying the whole package and more versatile for the times you will really need it.  Maybe you don't need all that range all the time.  Why let that big investment go to waste?  Share it with someone, or a lot of people.

What would be an attractive price point?  A thousand dollars for a week?  For two weeks?  Or a month?  What would work in this instance?   Let's say you add a few thousand dollars to the sticker price as an option to use one of these devices on a timeshare basis for x number of weeks per year.  Would this work?

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