Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Latest Destination for Human Spaceflight (Venus)

The Once And Future Moon - Paul Spudis

Space advocates are desperately looking for something people can do and somewhere they can go in space on timescales of less than multiple decades at costs of less than hundreds of billions of dollars.  If only there where some place we could get to within a decade or so, for a cost that doesn’t bust the latest budget. 

Comment:  From a link within the post: (no magic beans)
Talismanic thinking is common in much of the current discussion about the new path for NASA.  Other talismans include cheap access to low Earth orbit, commercial transport replacing Orion, and an “exciting space goal” to engage the public.

 He's a little too pessimistic about future technologies.  Could his thinking be similar to the thinking that resulted in someone saying that "everything that could be invented was already invented"?  Somebody said that over 100 years ago.  It was wrong then, and is probably wrong now.  For if everything than can be invented has already been invented, we should give up space altogether as a waste to money.

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