Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video: Paul Allen Unveils New Commercial Space Program

Verum Serum

I like this concept. It can fly to its release point, and then fly back. The first stage could be positioned in a perfect location for return to launch site. Most likely, that could be Edwards AFB. It may look otherwise, since their base is actually in New Mexico.

But I think of it this way: if you are going to recover the first stage, what better way to do it than to fly out into the Pacific thereby setting up a trajectory that requires the least amount of maneuvering. Thus, it will use the least amount of fuel and could well be the least risky method of recovering the first stage.

You could even take off from Edwards mostly empty and fuel the rocket with airborne refueling technique. I say mostly empty because refueling with LOX while in the air may be a little too complicated.

Maybe they won't do it the way I've speculated, but it would seem to be the most logical path to me.


Stratolaunch Systems Press Conference 13.12.11

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