Monday, December 19, 2011

Propulsive Fluid Accumulator

Interesting concept, but a little difficult to execute.  It also lacks a way to get hydrogen from the atmosphere. Getting energy to it is a problem, since nuclear power is ruled out.  Beamed power may be a possibility.

Let's speculate a little. Beam the power from the ground to a satellite in GEO, then redirect to the satellite in very low orbit.  It would scoop up oxygen from the atmosphere and collect it.  Once filled up, it could lift itself to a higher orbit and deposit it in a depot.  Then go back down for more.

In case you are mystified, this is about propellant depots and INSR methods.


An impressive looking chart.  If you could pull this off, you can save a lot of money.

page 34, Klinkman and Wilkes


This project was classified by the US Government. Werhner von Braun took it seriously. This was no far fetched idea. It was and is a real possibility. But the power problem may be the show stopper.

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