Friday, December 9, 2011

Next Big Future posts on cold fusion

Brian Ahern talk on Energy Localization and Nanomagnetism as explanation for LENR/Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion in bulk, macroscopic systems is controlled by the overlap of the vibrational modes of the dissolved deuterium nuclei.

Once again, something that may be analogous to a "wave" gets connected to cold fusion. It may have little connection to this presentation, just an observation of mine.   Here's another observation just now:  "an overlap" of vibrational modes.  Question:  could these act like BEC's?

Magnetization textures in NiPd nanostructures

The NIST work further confirms the Brian Ahern theory that nanomagnetism plays an important part in low energy assisted nuclear reactions. The nickel and palladium electrodes used in many cold fusion experiments would have this nanomagnetic behavior.
But magnetism is not a part of the BECNF theory.  Palladium is paramagnetic, while nickel is paragmagnetic above the Curie point.  This appears to be something of a contradiction.  But this isn't BECNF theory, it is another theory altogether.  BECNF is my speculation in this instance.

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