Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Week of E-Cat News Flurry

Pure Energy Systems News  November 29, 2011


I'm a little behind on these developments, this will help catch up a bit.  Here's a few tidbits
  1. Rossi replies to Josephson's call for another test. Rossi stated he cannot meet Josephson’s demands because it would reveal what he considers his trade secrets to a potential competitor.
  2. Uppsala University Eager To Test Andrea Rossi E-Cat
  3. Andrea Rossi E-Cat Will Soon Have Scientific Framework  quote: "Recently, we received update that the contracted research between Andrea Rossi and the University of Bologna will start in a few weeks."
  4. Quick Poll of E-Cat World Readers  Results:   -Rossi has discovered a new way to make useful energy (55%, 825 Votes)
    - Don't Know (21%, 319 Votes)
    - Rossi has nothing and is perpetrating a hoax/scam (13%, 191 Votes)
    - Rossi honestly thinks he has achieved cold fusion but is mistaken (8%, 123 Votes)
    - Rossi has discovered a form of energy but it is insignificantly small (3%, 32 Votes)

Comment:  Of course, if he had a US patent, his concerns for his intellectual property could be satisfied.

Cold Fusion Now has a post up about patents and the patent process.  Written by David French: David French is a retired patent attorney and the principal and CEO of Second Counsel Services. Second Counsel provides guidance for companies that wish to improve their management of Intellectual Property.

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