Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Newt's Lunar Base Is a Good Idea

Ray Villard, Discovery News  via RealClearScience

This is where Gingerich’s moon mining moon base comes in. Humans would be needed to go to the moon to operate a large drilling rig to burrow thorough lava layers and take core samples with the telltale isotopic record from the sun's travels.

Perhaps only through the potential big bucks of commercial lunar mining could geologic science have an opportunity to hitchhike back to the moon's surface. The geological exploration would hit an unintended pay dirt far more valuable than helium 3 -- a history book of our sun's galactic odyssey.

Gingrich's name is misspelled, but that's ok!  I like moon base idea, of course.  I've been writing about it for months.

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