Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aviation Week: SpaceX Plans To Be Top World Rocket Maker

By Guy Norris

  • passing the 1,500-employee mark for the first time at the start of August

  • The launch manifest lists 40 sold flights, including 33 Falcon 9s, plus five options.

  • The first Falcon Heavy flight is targeted for 2013.

  • Development of the more powerful, 140,000-lb.-thrust Merlin 1D, which will equip the Falcon 9 from the seventh flight onward, is now underway.

  • the company last year showed a concept for a 150,000-lb.-thrust liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen engine with an Isp of 470 sec.

Looks like SpaceX is just getting warmed up. It looks like they will be the number one rocket company in the near future, alright.

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