Sunday, August 14, 2011

U.S. Researcher Preparing Prototype Cars Powered by Heavy-Metal Thorium

by Keith Nuthall

  • A 250 MW unit weighing about 500 lbs. (227 kg) would be small and light enough to drop under the hood of a car, he says.

  • Natural thorium has little radioactivity, Stevens says. What isotopes there are could be blocked by aluminum foil, so the power unit’s 3-in. (7.6-cm) thick stainless-steel box should do the trick.

  • After World War II, a strategic decision was undertaken by industrialized nations to pursue uranium-driven energy instead, because its by-product – plutonium – could be weaponized. By contrast, it is almost impossible to make a bomb out of thorium.

  •  And amid widespread concerns about terrorism, would governments allow scores of nuclear sources to roam the freeways? Processed thorium can produce uranium 233 as a byproduct. Would governments allow charging an electric vehicle using radioactive material in private garages? “Nobody will allow that to happen,” Hashemi-Nezhad says. Hedrick thinks such concerns are overblown, stressing thorium’s by-products are very hard to turn into weapons-grade material, requiring an immense amount of work and energy.

Bring it on.

I got this off the Free Republic site right here.

The comments there are mostly negative.  Let's see, Democrats environmentalists groups would be opposed because of the radioactivity.  These guys on this website are supposed to be conservatives, so that's two major groups that seem to be against it.  Never mind that it may work.  Everybody is determined to prevent any solution to our problems, it seems.  No wonder we get a credit downgrade.

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