Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Regarding belief

by john6912, Cold Fusion Now

  • a new movie coming out soon on the cold fusion scene called ‘the Believers,’  [ comment: Uh, oh.  I smell some bashing ahead ( with regards to the movie). 

  • "I see there as being two different ways of looking at belief. “Belief that,” and “belief in“." [ comment: A worthwhile distinction, but will anybody think about it that deeply?]

  • "Philip K. Dick said that, “reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”" [ comment: Dick provided the ideas that went into the blockbuster movies Blade Runner and Total Recall.]

For me, it is a matter of "believe that" as opposed to "believe in" when it comes to "cold fusion".  I believe that something is there, but I don't necessarily believe in it.

With respect to this blog, I believe that the mastery of energy will raise civilization to a higher level.  However, I don't believe in that either.  There's a subtle difference that is aptly described in the post as having somewhat a religious nature.  If I were to believe in that then, then utopia will be achieved if only energy can be mastered.  But there's a problem,  which is because human nature, being what it is, may produce an outcome that I don't anticipate.  This is always possible.  Therefore, I can't believe in it like it was something of a religion.


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