Monday, August 22, 2011

The Oil Drum: Keeping Michele Bachmann Honest on Gas Prices

Yeah? What is the real point here, higher prices?
"In fact, those production increases are a function of high oil prices"
Looks like it.  What does Bachmann say?

"“What Barack Obama has done is lock up America’s eneregy reserves. We’re the No. 1 energy-resource-rich nation in the world. We have more oil in three Western states in the form of shale oil than all the oil in Saudi Arabia. That doesn’t include the Bakken oil field in North Dakota or the eastern Gulf region or the Atlantic or the Pacific or Anwar or the Arctic region,” she said.

“We also have a brand-new natural gas find in Pennsylvania with over a trillion cubic feet of natural gas. We also have 25 percent of all the coal in the world. We just aren’t accessing or utilizing our energy. Energy could be one of the most stable, accessible forms of resources for business in the United States. …And we would create millions of high-paying jobs instantly,” she said."

Hmm.  So, what is wrong with that?  Maybe she can't bring back $2 a gallon gas, but that isn't the point.  This dude (the author) is getting lost in the words,  not the spirit.  The spirit is one of free enterprise v the spirit of command economy.  Which side do you prefer to be on, sir?  Methinks you protest too much.

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