Friday, August 19, 2011

Morning Summary, 8/19

Good morning. There was a joke that comes to mind when I used that stock phrase. Sometimes, you would just say "morning". That's because things aren't so "good", you see.

Gold has skyrocketed almost 50 bucks an ounce this morning. Sure, it vindicates what I've been saying all along, but it isn't good to see. And the amazing thing to me is that these people who caused all this are still talking their Keynesianism game.

The definition of insanity has been said as the doing of the same things over and over again while expecting a different result. That fits these Keynesians to a tee.

They really believe that can manage everything and just paper over everything and it will just be fine. Nuts!

Our leftists want to be more like Europe. A fine example they are making about now. Europe is a mess. Why would any sane human being want to be more like Europe?

If you go on the leftist sites, they mock those on the right who question all their prized beliefs. They really believe in their own superiority, but look at the world that they've made! It is falling apart. Yet, they still believe in it. It would seem to me that they've lost all credibility. Why should anybody listen to them? I don't see why anyone does, to put it frankly. I know I haven't been for a long time now.

Where does it all lead? We are headed directly to a new situation, but, at the moment, the end result is too hard to see. One thing though, Keynesianism is deader than hell. These people who believe in it are dead men walking. It cannot stand, it will fall. How hard it falls is just a matter of how long the people continue to listen to them. The longer they get listened to, the harder the unavoidable fall will be.

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