Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning Summary, 8/23

Good morning.

I had a bunch of thoughts rattling around my noggin this morning, but as soon as I start writing, they vanish into thin air. Well, not really. It just seems that way sometimes.

I made the usual rounds to catch up on the news, nothing much that's new in the news. There's a hurricane out in the Atlantic, or soon will be. As a matter of fact, here's a photo of it in space.

Hurricane #Irene #FromSpace as it passed though the Caribbean... on Twitpic

Which reminds me of a story about space, which I came across earlier in my peregrinations about the web. It seems that NASA wants to improve upon its technologies so that it can do space travel better. It would be even more helpful if they could actually get off the ground.

The solar sail idea is pretty good, but these things need to be BIG. That would be a neat trick if you can pull it off. Here's a suggestion, build the thing on the moon. Yeah, the moon. There's no atmosphere on the moon, so you could even launch it from the surface. A solar sail wouldn't weigh much, it can't weigh much, or it won't work. So, it won't need a lot of help getting off the lunar surface. So, there's another reason for going back to the moon.

The trip from the moon on your solar sail could be like your Crystal Ship,  which I wrote about yesterday.  The mention of it allows me to segue into one of the thoughts that was rattling about my noggin.  You see, that song is in my mind at the moment.  So, let me explore that a bit.  I wrote that the song was probably about his alter ego, which was his inebriated self.  In other words, the song could be about escapism.  In this case, it was about escapism through substance abuse.

The thought that rattled around my mind is that escapism is a common thing.  To get a little closer to home, this blog is about my own escapism.  To get away from the pain of the world as it is.   From the song:  "The day is bright and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain."  The "crystal ship" could be a space ship, which could escape the world with all of its troubles.  There are a million ways to escape the world as it is, one of them is through substance abuse, another could be in traveling here and there.  Also from the song: "Oh tell me where, your freedom lies, the streets are fields that never die."

I must be escaping from the world which is filled with pain.  Hoping to find a way to the stars which has streets that never die and where my freedom lies.  Sounds crazy I'm sure.  But escapism is just another form of insanity.  Maybe the world makes maniacs out of us all.

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