Friday, August 19, 2011

Independent E-cat News: The Krivit Show

Looks like Krivit has a series of videos to look at. So, I will.

The first of the videos with Levi. It looks pretty plain vanilla to me. There's no confrontation nor accusations being made. It generally discusses Levi's background, how he came to know about the E-cat, and what his general impressions were about it.

The second video gets into more specifics, but nothing sticks out at me. Krivit is starting to ask specific questions, but they aren't challenging type questions, in my opinion.

The third video, Krivit asks Levi how he knew the E-cat was working on its own power. This seems a bit more challenging type question. Levi seems to be getting a little annoyed. I could almost swear that Krivit is on the verge of calling him a liar.

Krivit is now asking about steam and the quality of the steam. There seem to be some nitpicking type questions about reports and why they weren't available. A challenging type question regarding a lack of a scientific report while reporting it to the media. Levi says he lacked data. I see a bit of exasperation on Levi's face near the end of this video.

The final video. Appear to be discussing methodology. Looks to be back to plain vanilla discussion. There did appear to be an interruption toward the end and the interview ended somewhat abruptly.

General impression: Krivit seems to be demanding more scientific rigor than what Levi was willing or able to manage with this demonstration. The only thing that Krivit is establishing here is that it isn't a rigorously scientific demonstration which will be unassailable on all levels. If you take it any further than that on the basis of this interview, that would be going too far.

Levi doesn't come off looking badly here is basically what I'm saying.

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