Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better Paths to a New Frontier

D Minus Zero

A detailed post, the outline:

  • Whats Next?

  •  Let us start with the current plan

  • The reality

  • Gutting Commercial

  • In Summary

  • The Better Paths...

  • Jeff Greason: A Settlement Strategy for NASA [comment: I've posted on this]

  • The importance of a strategy [ note: Greason's video ]

  • The ultimate goal for NASA

  • The strategy to achieve that goal

  • Robert Zubrin, and Mars Direct [ comment : is that a strategy or tactics? ]

  • Misconceptions of traveling to Mars, and Why Mars is Important

  • How Mars Direct Works

  • Gerard K. O'Neill: The High Frontier [ comment: recently posted on his book] 

  • My thoughts on the plans.

 If you can get a single stage to orbit, or if you can get launch costs down by way of reusable rockets and quick turnaround times, then space exploration and colonization will become feasible economically.  Until then, not much progress can be made.

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