Monday, August 1, 2011

Rossi – Let the eCat Speak For Itself

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Rossi answers his critics on his blog. Actually, it doesn't really matter to me what the general public thinks about his product.  However, it is in his own best interest as a businessman to have the best possible impression out there in the public.  Therefore, from the business point of view, I think his attitude is not in his own best interest.  He obviously feels otherwise.

He may want to define someone like me as an "imbecile".  That may very well be from a purely technical viewpoint. However, it appears to me that he doesn't have all that much common sense.  For if he did have a very great product, as many people as possible should know that and believe that.  The market for his product would be assured and he would in short time become a very rich man.

Although he may get rich from this device, it is well to note that the Wright Brothers didn't get all that rich from their invention.  The invention of heavier than air flight was one of the most significant events in history.  Just saying.

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