Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Daily Plan, 4/20/11

While I was looking at my Amazon stats this morning, I noticed a couple things. One is this gizmo called an "astore". I set one up with the books I read and put it up on the Products page. You can see that first when you go there. The second thing was that I already set up something like this before, but I pulled it down. I may bring it back, if I can. That's on the agenda.

Another thing is that I have 6 pages that can be utilized for marketing. Since nobody is bidding on these pages, I may use them myself. If I use them all, I will still keep them available for anyone who would like to market something through this site. I may set up multiple Amazon "astores", one page each dedicated to a line of products. One idea that I had was to create a new store based upon the movies I've seen on NetFlix and elsewhere, if they can be purchased through Amazon.

I realize the monetization of the blog may not be interesting to people who come here, but I need to generate some cash flow out of this blog, or it will have to give way to something that will. It just something that is part of this blog now and doesn't appear to have hurt pageviews any. If anything, pageviews seem to be increasing. It is hard to say why this is so. I would guess that it may be helpful in establishing a permanent presence. If it looks like you will go away, people who may otherwise be inclined to visit the blog may decide- Why bother?- and go elsewhere.

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