Friday, April 22, 2011

Space Show on 8/20/10, Paul Wieland, Crossing the Threshold

I missed the Space Show today, but I am listening to the August 20 broadcast as I write.  It came to my attention that if you go to the One Giant Leap Forward Foundation and buy the book through them, Amazon will make a contribution.

I would suggest reading the one customer review on Amazon.  It looks like a pretty good job of describing the book.

Paul Wieland was on, here is the master guest list where a synopsis of his show can be found.

Here are some notes I took. This is a skeleton outline of the show by time line. When downloading, you can access the time indicated by clicking on the bar which moves toward the right as the show play ( on Windows Media Player). If you use a different player, you may be able to use a similar method.

7:12 intro of guest amazon way of contributing
8:45 about book
11:20 got message from white house clinton administration staffer a request for write up; genesis of book
14:00 how does space address concerns of society; vision missing he says
16:00 manned and unmanned dichotomy- focus should be on the next ten years
19:45 proposal: international space decade
20:46 1st question 1) barriers a) proposals
28:19 dr space asks about international participation
30:00 every launch log in history johnathan's space report- doctor wants to know
33:15 dr space life sciences observations
36:00 political discussions: says he hasn't talked with polticians
37:38 crossing the threshold on Amazon; reminder of how to support the space show by buying book
40:00 paul wieland author and guest
41:50 replace chemical rockets; need to "graduate" from chemical rockets
44:00 discussion of air ship to orbit powered by electric propulsion.
46:30 space elevator
47:00 nuclear propulsion
48:30 from england-how many rocket launches? ans: about 5000
50:45 solar sails- depends on mission as to propulsion
54:30 10 yr program probability of being implemented? 50-50
57:00 break
59:00 asked if his first book? Yes, for public.  Written other stuff.
1:02:00 compatibility in international components
1:06:00 commercial space should be encouraged
1:07:30 job layoffs- value of work force? Importance of leadership from President
1:11:00 interest awareness motivation- need to drive it
1:12:00 Dr. Space has addressed this he says
1:13:35 The way Congress works; space is hard sell
1:16:00 end of Dr. Space's spiel- paul wieland response
1:19:00 how to of keeping it viable over time
1:20:00 where on web for book
1:22:00 connecting the dots with the public
1:25:00 no politician has every advocated space to solve problems
1:26:00 response- the more who write about space, better
1:29:00 comparison and contrast to olympics
1:30:00 discussion of the problems involved
1:37:00 deregulate space? Not realistic. Need realism.
1:40:00 how to move forward

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