Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Morning Summary, April 23, 2011

The statistics:

Time approx 4:30 am

Sitemeter; Sat. morning 4581; v. Fri am 4566; 15 down 8 from Fri

Blogger: Fri. 64, up 25 from Thurs (39); overnight is 23 so far, compared with 25 this time yesterday.

Pleased with the higher numbers yesterday, but concerned about the dropoff again in visitors and pageviews overnight.

I needed to follow up on a minor success and I didn't. Live and learn.

Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, one click on Amazon, but that might have been me, I'm not sure.

YouTube page: 845 v 840 channel views previously, 488 v. 482 upload views previously. Channel views improve by 5, upload views improve by 6.

Well, at least for each channel view, I got an upload view, plus one additional upload view.

The ratio between channel views and upload views can be calculated by using upload views as the numerator and channel views as denominator. This ratio should yield a metric which tells you how interesting your channel is to potential viewers. If your channel plays the featured video automatically, you will get at least 1 upload view for every channel view. But I don't have it set up that way.

In order to calculate the metric by my own standard, I have 488/845, which is less than 1 upload view for every channel view. This means that, on average, about half of the people who view the channel will click on one of my videos. That may not seem to be too good, especially when compared to some other channels which have much better ratios. You could have ratios much greater than 1, for example. Mine is depressingly low, about one half. My stuff on YouTube must really suck.

But the suckiness is not quite as sucky as it once was. I think "how-to" videos may be the ticket for me, because my YouTube stuff may be too "dry". Too factual, too practical. I've been told that, you know. By more than one person, by the way. The same may hold true for this blog, come to think of it. I must get past this suckiness one way or another, and make this a "cool" site.

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