Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good morning world

Back at it again, ready to get back to work. First of all, let's get the statistics out of the way:

Time approx 5:00 am
Sitemeter; Fri morning 4442; v. today 4459; 17 down 2 from Thurs
Blogger: Fri 46, up 3 from Thurs; overnight is 20 so far
Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, not even a click on Amazon

With respect to Amazon, I am going to look into something I just saw. I may be able to set up a store here, but I think I'd better be careful about that. I have gotten plenty of revenue sources that aren't producing. I added one yesterday for referrals to Uverse, but nobody has inquired about it.

The audience numbers tell me something about the quantity, but not the quality of the pageviews. If I had comments, then I'd know that I had real people coming by, as opposed to bots. Bots aren't good for much except for the appearance of traffic that really doesn't exist. I am keeping this real, therefore without comments, I may have just bots dropping by here. Or lurkers. A lurker isn't necessarily friendly. Lurkers could be anybody who doesn't really want to help this blog, for whatever reason.

So, in sum, I have a small number of pageviews, no revenues, and no comments. This looks pretty grim. Anything positive to report? Well, yesterday, I got one more like for my Facebook page. I noticed that yesterday on Facebook, but not here on my Facebook Badge, which still shows 6.

I guess that since I have a YouTube account, I can report those stats here too. I want a synergy between these sites. This is the place where it is all coordinated, so I guess I'll report that, starting today.

YouTube has 6 subscribers and 10 friends. The channel has had 822 views, with 415 upload views. My channel was created in October 2010. A link to my channel is at the bottom of the page at the video bar.

I am using Twitter as well, but I don't know if am going to report Twitter stats yet. They are similar to these numbers here. The purpose of Twitter is the same as with everything else. But the results have been disappointing.

To recap once again, pageviews, revenues are unchanged from yesterday, and I'm adding reports on YouTube stats. I may report on Twitter stats here, but not yet. I may add another Amazon revenue source. Very slight improvements, but I have to step it up somehow.

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