Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning Summary, Sun. April 17

The statistics:

Time approx 4:00 am
Sitemeter; Fri morning 4459; v. today 4473; 14 down 3 from Fri
Blogger: Fri 34, down 12 from Fri; overnight is 13 so far, compared with 20 this time yesterday
Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, not a click on Amazon, same as yesterday.

YouTube page: 823 channel views, 466 upload views.  Channel views improve by 1, upload views improve by 51!  Wow.  Somebody watched my videos yesterday.  Excellent!  This looks like my most popular video, The Finer Points of Quantum Foam, has gotten a lot more popular.  It looks like that is what has driven the numbers seen above.

I feel like I am making progress.  It depends upon which metric you want to look at.  I talked to more people than usual yesterday, in keeping with my daily plan.  This may not seem like much, but it could be a big step forward from what I have been doing.  It is clear that the efforts on the web alone will not move this blog forward.  It is too easy to ignore somebody when all they are looking at is a computer screen. Sometimes, you just have to make an appearance somewhere.

Good things are happening, though it may not appear to be sometimes.

As far as the daily plan is concerned, I will follow up on what I did yesterday.  That is following the KISS principle, which is what I want to make a habit out of.

One thing I might want to add is this; since the blog has become much more complex, I want to emphasize that I have a tutorial on YouTube that shows how to navigate this blog.  I will add more tutorials to that, as needed.  Also, there is a tutorial on how to set up a Picasa Web Album, if you want to use this blog to sell something.

The proceeds from the ad sale will go to support The Space Show, which is a worthy cause.  I hope by your being here, you are at least somewhat interested in supporting the Space Program, and therefore, will be in agreement that space is a worthy cause.  It is even more than worthy, because the best people in the business are on that show.  If these folks can't do it, it can't be done.  They are definitely worth listening to.  If you get the chance, please listen to the show.  Follow the link on this page to find Dr. Livingston's website ( in the interesting reading links on the sidebar).

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