Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Friday

The day sneaked up on me.  It wasn't until late yesterday that I knew what day today would be.  Okay, I have to make this brief.

Time approx 5:30 am
Yesterdays stats:  Sitemeter @ 4442 , net change =  4442-4423= 19. An improvement over yesterday. Blogger shows 43, which was a drop of 10, since there were 53 yesterday. A bit of a setback. No bids, Amazon had no sales, but it did have a click thanks, that is an improvement. No donations.

All in all, a mixed bag. An improvement here, a setback there. Still, no cash flow. What if there is nothing at the end of the week? I will continue, as long as I can.

This will become a fixture here for now on. These summaries are real world, and that's is what this blog is about. It isn't about daydreams, nor fantasies. I should hope not.

The business yesterday involved the possibility of my going back to work on a real job making some daily bread again. This was always a possibility, but yesterday it almost became a reality. It was out of necessity, not for myself, but to help out someone else. It turned out that my services weren't necessary, so I am on standby, however. I have to treat this as a business day even if I don't work.

That's the reason for the brevity. I have to get ready in case I might be needed.

My daily plan is, if I am not working, is to write about how simple things start to get more complicated. I am going to use some examples from real life to illustrate the point. I think it may be profitable to read this and study it and take it to heart.

Thanks for your attention. I have to get ready for my day.

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