Monday, April 18, 2011

The Morning Summary, April 18, 2011

The statistics:

Time approx 5:00 am
Sitemeter; Sun morning 4473; v. Mon am 4489; 16 up 2 from Sat
Blogger: Sun 49, up 15 from Sat (34); overnight is 23 so far, compared with 13 this time yesterday
Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, not a click on Amazon, same as Sunday, which was not Easter, in which I stand corrected.  I need to proofread and double check things more closely.

Sorry.  There were errors in yesterday's report.  Looks like it may be confusing to the reader.  Sorry, I'll keep improving things till I get it right.

YouTube page: 826 v 823 channel views previously, 478 v. 466 upload views previously.  Channel views improve by 3, upload views improve by 12.   Looks like some of my other videos have been getting a look.

I can add the Facebook page, but the numbers are not consistent.  I'll do this: I'll report what it says on the top three posts.  I copy 25 impressions for the top, followed by 36 by number 2, and 36 again for number 3. There are still 7 likes for the People for Space Colonization page.

No more reporting on these stats.  This took over 20 minutes.  Frankly, just to round up that info takes valuable time.

The deadline has passed without making a single sale or even getting an inquiry.  Sobering to say the least.  It is rather grim to continue in the face of this apparent indifference, but let me recount a few things.  I got my email question answered on The Space Show.  It wasn't exactly a sparkling beginning, but it was a beginning. You have to start somewhere.  I've been doing some stuff which I don't usually do, which isn't much, but it is something.  Like talking to people.  One conversation I had was with my brother in law, who is housebound because of his health is not what it once was.  He is going to the doctor on Tuesday.  Things like this tend to remind you that your concerns are not the center of the universe.  Everybody has their own battle to fight. Also, the numbers are getting better in some ways.  Not across the board, but it is slowly improving.

The thing to keep in mind though, is that the starting line hasn't been passed yet on the money side of this.  It is still at the 1 dollar level on Amazon, and I can't collect it.

Okay, this is enough.  KISS principle, remember?

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