Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Morning Summary, April 20, 2011

The statistics:

Time approx 5:00 am
Sitemeter; Tues morning 4512; v. Wed am 4532; 23 down 2 from Mon
Blogger: Tues. 66, down 2 from Mon (68); overnight is 24 so far, compared with 21 this time yesterday

Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, not a click on Amazon. I have added a couple items in the Products page, one for space books that I've written about here, plus some music that will play as soon as the page loads, it will also have a link there to take you to another page, presumably.

YouTube page: 836 v 832 channel views previously, 481 v. 481 upload views previously. Channel views improve by 4, upload views improve by 0. My channel got more looks, uploads got nothing?! What gives there?

About the Facebook page: The newest post about the Space Show, getting more impressions(up to 21). The others get a little too. The post with the most interest shown has been about the fusion powered propulsion with Focus Fusion. There are still 7 likes for the People for Space Colonization page.

Yesterday was a busy day, a little drop off, but I've added more stuff that may generate sales, and is capable of being expanded to include new items.  Now, I have a truck on sale, a bookstore, and some ad space here. Still waiting for some items in the hopper to play out.  At this rate, I'm going to have Alice's Restaurant, where you can get anything you want (except Alice).

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