Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Morning Summary, April 21, 2011

The statistics:

Time approx 4:30 am

Sitemeter; Thurs morning 4543; v. Wed am 4532; 11 down 12 from Wed

Blogger: Thurs. 63, down 3 from Wed (66); overnight is 16 so far, compared with 24 this time yesterday. Pleased to report that I have an all time monthly record in pageviews with 9 full days plus today remaining in the month.

Nothing to report on bids, nor sales, still zero on revenues, not a click on Amazon.

YouTube page: 837 v 836 channel views previously, 482 v. 481 upload views previously. Channel views improve by 1, upload views improve by 1.

Obviously, I've had a dropoff in traffic. If I were to come up with an explanation, the thing I mentioned at the close was the serious tone of the day. Perhaps nobody likes that?

It reminds me of something from a long time ago. There was somebody at work who liked to say "sounds like a personal problem". Which I took to mean, don't bug me with your problems, I've got my own. Well, I can assure you. I deal with my own problems myself, if such be the case. This was not said to me, by the way, but about someone else. I was merely listening into the conversation.

I report these statistics honestly.  I mention problems in the spirit of openness.  It is not whining, I don't think. If somebody doesn't want to help, I can take care of it myself. Always have, always will.  For those of you who are helpful, thank you very much.


That's the spirit.

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