Saturday, April 16, 2011

Plan for today

I have to improve my results on revenue and pageviews if this blog is ever going to be anything more than a hill of beans.

To that end, I must get into a habit of doing things that I am not doing now.

Number 1) I am not getting out enough. Frankly, it is cheaper to sit around here on the computer all day. But it isn't productive. Seven months of this has not yielded anything. I have to do things differently. This observation isn't even new. On the other hand, I have to keep it realistic. I can't take roadtrips every week. Too expensive.

2) I need to use the phone more. I don't use phones. Again. I like to use email and all these other internet devices, but it keeps people at a distance. I need to get people involved in this somehow. That may mean that I have to bug people, but bugging people is unavoidable.

3) Along the lines I set forth yesterday, the blog may be getting too complex. I need to always remember to keep it simple stupid (KISS).

Three daily goals is enough.

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