Friday, July 15, 2011

Andrea Rossi a Lone Fraudster?

From Independent E-cat news

It is this sort of circumstantial evidence – a short example of many – that makes it difficult to reconcile the view that Andrea Rossi is somehow pulling the wool over all these people’s eyes.

Just speaking for myself here, and since I don't have any financial interest in it, perhaps it doesn't really matter what I think.  It would help if there was a more convincing demonstration than what I've seen so far.

This tech group discussion reminds me of a demo of dry steam.  I looked for it again and couldn't find it, but found a dry steam iron.  It seems that it should be possible to produce something like this out of an E-cat.  Actually, much more than this.

Dry steam would act as a gas and would have a lot more pressure per volume.  Any gas behaves that way according to the Gas Laws.  Notice how much pressure is coming from the iron when he presses the button.  That shows the pressure of the dry steam gas.

It should go without saying that one needs to be cautious about this because if you allow your judgement to be overwhelmed by your desire to believe in something, you just might be making a mistake.

I want this to work, but I will retain some skepticism until I see something stronger in terms of a demonstration.

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