Friday, July 22, 2011

Could you run a car with something like this?

This Stirling Engine is rated at 55 kW (electrical) which is designed for use as a CHP.  The combined heat and power part isn't needed for cars, but the amount of power generated is more than enough.  Here is what I wrote recently when I wrote about fuel cell/ battery combos.

I figured that a 19 kW power source would power a Nissan Leaf down the highway with the air conditioner running.  You could have a lot of range if you can just keep the battery charged.   Now, if you can mate an E-cat with a smaller version of this Stirling Engine pictured above, you just might be able to roll down the road for as long as the fuel holds out while never depleting the battery.  Since the fuel needed for an E-cat is rather small for its output in energy, your driving range could be quite long indeed.

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