Monday, July 25, 2011

Existence of God particle to be decided by next year

It has been speculated upon for decades and at the weekend there were hints that the existence of the highly sought-after “God particle” had finally been confirmed.

  • Not!  "But at a press conference on Monday, the physicists in charge of the Large Hadron Collider said that they had only established where the Higgs boson was not to be found, and that its location continues to elude them."
  • they now expect to know whether or not the most-wanted particle exists within 18 months.
  • But on Friday researchers suggested they were close to achieving one of their main aims – catching sight of the elusive Higgs boson.
  • “we know everything about it, except if it exists”.
  • However Prof Heuer said even disproving the Higgs’s existence would be a “breakthrough”, as the question would still be settled and a new search would be on to explain the fundamentals of the physical world.
While studying bosons lately, the Higgs Boson made its appearance to me, at least.  It is in the literature, and that where I found it.

Moses went to the mountain to look for God, but these guys are going underground.  That sounds kinda funny, once you think of it.  Maybe the Higgs boson isn't what they think, eh?

Well, that's all for today.  Thanks for coming by and have a great evening.

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