Friday, July 1, 2011

Morning Summary, 7/1

A double whammy recently.  Amazon notifies its associates that due to the attempts by California to tax its sales, it was shutting down its associates program.  It didn't affect me because, ahem, I have no sales.  But it does affect the Space Show.  Stuff like that will shut down the Space Show, if enough of it happens.

Then the business about the E-cat which reflects badly upon it.  Those two things are killers.  It like a dark cloud appearing on the horizon and its evil.  There was a write up linked from Instapundit on the Amazon thing that says California will lose money, not gain money, from this.  It reminds me of what Obama said about the capital gains tax.  He said he would be for raising the cap gains even if it didn't result in more money because of "fairness".  Talking about self destructive behavior.  Did California really do this expecting to raise money, or was some other agenda at work?

Yeah, take that and the E-cat and I wonder what's going on here.  Strange things happening.  It's like somebody doesn't want good things to happen and are deliberately trying to sabotage anything good that might happen.  It is deeply troubling.

Well, as I mentioned before, the blog isn't really going anywhere. With the E-cat news and this blog's dependence upon that for traffic, it would seem that there is at least an explanation for the drop off in traffic. People are losing heart because of this news. That is understandable. Keep in mind though, that not everything is what it seems, or is being presented as. Just because the E-cat has gotten some bad press doesn't mean all is lost.

I am going to keep posting, but on a reduced level.  I took off this week because I could and because I had another reason, which I won't mention here.  But it is back to a working schedule next week.  I guess that is the triple whammy, is it not?

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