Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Control Parameter

Andrea Rossi tells us through his blog that he has devised a new control parameter, [allowing better stability for self-sustain mode?] Source: Independent E-cat News

  • How many Modules ( or KW ) per generator?  Answer: 300 kW
  • What temperature and PSI would the generator be designed to receive? 200 Celsius, if possible.
My understanding of Stirling Engines, which isn't extensive, by the way, is that you need a temperature gradient of over 400 degress Farenheit.   Now, this number doesn't quite achieve that.  Does that rule out the use of Stirling Engines?

300 kW is much more than you would need for a car.  It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that if you could come up with something that could fit into a car and be powered by an E-cat, you would have a big hit.  Of course, this would indicate a Stirling Engine of about 25 kW powered by E-cats and supplemented by batteries.  The Stirling Engine would keep the batteries charged and the vehicle moving within the normal range of usage you would expect in a car.

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