Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Summary, 7/7

I may have more time to post today, but I have to be out here, so bear with me, please.

A few quick thoughts this morning

  1. We are quickly approaching the political season.
  2. If space is to become a political issue, it must get started soon.
  3. Of the presidential candidates who may be most interested in space, my guess would be Gingrich 
  4. It is getting late to have an impact, so it may not happen this time
  5. The same is true of any new technology that could get government help, such as fusion
  6. A new line of endeavor, such as energy can be a big job creator.  It is a good issue to have, but I don't see anyone grabbing it.
  7. The debt issue is sucking the oxygen out of everything else.  Neither party is interested in resolving that issue.   They are taking inflexible stands which play well to their bases, but aren't particularly useful in solving any problems.
  8. This is a great opportunity for somebody who can stand out from the crowd, but I don't see it happening.  I wish it were different. 
  9. The enthusiasm for the Republican nominees isn't that high.  Somebody needs to see this opportunity. 

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