Sunday, July 3, 2011

Morning Summary, 7/3

Several hours late this morning. I've been a bit busy doing the usual Sunday chores, but that isn't enough to cause this. Sure, my enthusiasm is waning. There was somebody who contacted me on email about possibly advertising on this site, but the timing is not so good. Now is not a good time. The best time would have been when readership was increasing. It is going down now, and the ecat is the only thing keeping it going.

Hopefully, the ecat can come through and this blog can be on the forefront of that news. That would be a miracle. You know how it goes. The big guys will swoop down and take all the oxygen from a little blog like this as soon as this thing becomes a real media sensation. Nobody will come here or to any other blog that is supporting the idea even though it isn't mainstream. As soon as it goes mainstream, they will got the mainstream blogs, even though none of them are supporting this now. But one can always hope.

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