Saturday, July 2, 2011

Morning Summary, 7/2

A little bump in traffic. Yay! It has become something of a broken record here, this sort of commentary.

By the way, I wonder how many people out there, particularly young people, understand the figure of speech "broken record"? It is an archaic term, in reference to how us old timers used to listen to music. On a turntable with a vinyl record, which, in comparision to CD's, was pretty big. There was a scene in Austin Power's first movie that showed Austin trying to play a CD on an old record player. Doesn't work. Yeah, and even CD's are going to be obsolete before long.

Austin Powers movies are over 10 years old now. Yikes!

The world changes all the time, and it just might be ready to change big time any day now. This allows me to segue into what I ended with last night, these debt limit negotiations. This is a pretty big deal, and I get the impression that most people just aren't interested. They will be when the excrement hits the fan, which is what is going to happen here soon.

If you check the polls, the direction of the country polls have been bad for a long time now. But it is as if Washington isn't paying attention. And the folks down home aren't paying attention either. There are some people, who do pay attention, but that number isn't large enough. When they do pay attention, they probably listen to the conventional wisdom, which is just as bad as not listening at all. What we need is a change, but it needs to be an intelligent change. Not change just for the sake of change. That's what we got in 2008. The results have been disappointing, if the polls are any indication.

It may be helpful if people started paying attention, but to what? Who do you trust? I don't think you can trust the traditional information sources. Those have been captured by the political establishment, which, as mentioned in the polls, no longer have the confidence of the public.

There has to be a reliable source of information that people can trust. If that can be achieved, something good may come from it. As it stands now, we are stumbling in the dark.

Yes, I am trying to shine a light in the darkness, rather than merely curse it. But it has been a tough sell. Nobody is interested. I may have to just close shop and concede defeat. This blog is going nowhere. While it is here, though, let me affirm once again, that this blog is about truth. At least about truth as far as I can reach for it. I am not here to BS anyone, or to be BS'd by anyone. I have always called them like I see them.

If there's no market for that, then truth doesn't have a place in this world. Now, that is scary.

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